It is necessary to maintain the BODY in such condition that the soul does not want to leave it!

Everybody needs a purification of his/her organisms to get rid from diseases that in 90% of cases are caused by toxins and harmful substances passing in the body from environment by food, water, air and or have developed in the 3organism as a result of living processes. Human resources are not endless and the more contaminated is the organisms the more difficult it is to return to its initial condition.

„DETOX PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM” is an effective renovator of the organism’s protective function. It is a detoxification plaster – BIO antioxidant designed for removing slags and toxins from the body through feet acting externally.

The external method is directed to active removal of poisoning and radioactive substances, as well as fat-soluble toxins not only from blood and lymph but also from more dense tissues (connective tissues, fat tissues, muscles and bones), enhancement of their transportation through cellular membranes and afterwards also through the pores of feet.

The plaster is made of high-quality products – 100% natural and ecologic raw materials. Thanks to the improvement of new technologies it has received the SGS certificate (etalon of word quality and business ethics).

Action mechanism of the plaster is based on the reflexotherapy method.

During the day, toxins accumulate in the lower part of the body. They are removed from the internal organs and accumulate in feet on the lower surface of which more than 60 bioactive acupuncture points are localized – projection sites of the main organs of our body.

Using the scheme of bioactive points and zones it is possible to targetedly act on the condition and abilities to work of the internal organs, improve the well-being and purify the organism from slags.

The plaster acts as a magnet gradually “sucking” the accumulated toxins like a plant roots that deliver water to branches.

Blood circulation, lymph drainage and energy exchange is improved and activated in the cells.

When the plaster has warmed to the body temperature, pores of the skin widen that allows getting out the slags through them under the blood and lymphatic osmotic pressure. Heat generated by the plaster causes sweating the feet. In turn, the sweat with which the wastage of the organism living functions is absorbed by the plaster.2

Modern purification of the organism by the plaster fits everybody because:
– it is not a medication;
– it has no age limitations;
– it does not cause dependence (habituation);
– it has few contraindications.

– individual intolerance of some component;
– pregnancy;
– it must not be used during the course of radiation and chemotherapy.

It gives persuasive and resistant results:
– wholesome sleep and good well-being;
– spring-mood notwithstanding the season;
– perfect outlook.

It will help:
– during rehabilitation;
– to activate immunity and organism protective functions;
– to arrange the metabolisms, to lose 4-6 kilograms;
– to improve mental and physical work abilities;
– to cure from chronic fatigue syndrome;
– to remove excess fluid from the body.

Effectively and delicately works during sleeping, stimulates self-regeneration and renovation of the organism.

“DETOX PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM” combines unique, Centuries-tested recipes and Eastern methods, and modern newest production technologies.

100% natural plaster of excellent quality consisting the complex of carefully chosen and balanced natural and herbal components.

Formula of the plaster is based on ancient methods combining traditional Eastern medicine and modern science. The components are chosen in certain proportions to ensure that they are working safe and maximally effective!

The main components: bamboo and wood powder, wood resin, green tourmaline, amethyst, chitin, vitamin C, silicon, anion.

Benefits of the plaster
Can be used in clinics for detoxification and treatment of alcohol and drug dependence.

Effectively neutralizes poisons and free radicals.

Specifically designed for removal of chemical toxins, heavy metals and fat-soluble poisons; has highly absorbing properties.

Advice! For very weaken, sick people, for elderly people, as well as for those with circulatory disorders it is recommended to start using the plaster in the zone localized on the lateral surface of the foot above the heel and above the bone (it is clearly seen in the figure below).

The action is very delicate – the organism is prepared for further, deeper processes without any exacerbation. Before application of the plaster massage this zone with your fingers for 2-3 minutes.

For people starting to use the plaster directly in this zone should note that the plaster needs to be used for 2-3 days.

ADVICE! If possible, try to apply the plaster till the 21:00 o’clock, i.e., up to the moment of opening of the biologic points (canals).

Reflexology science is investigating the exposure to organs and systems via superficial points and zones. Effect on the feet is pleasant, safe and very effective.

Reflexotherapy method can be used both for prevention and treatment, for everyday hygiene and relieve of emotional and physical stress.

Feet. Why exactly they?
Eastern medicine considers feet to be a mirror of the organism. Projections of the human internal organs reflect in feet.

Feet are like a map of our organism that needs to be used in the way that gives the maximal benefit. Thousands of neural endings, active reflector points, reflexogene zones with many sweat glands are localized in the feet. Activation of these zones has acts positively on the function of all internal organs, as well as restores all body functions.

According to the Western medicine, certain feet zones are connected with certain organs through neural tissues (neural endings) and therefore they stimulate corresponding organs and improve their blood circulation.

Additionally to therapeutic role, reflector zones have also diagnostic role.

Indications for use
As a preventive measure, for everybody to restore and renovate his/her organism.

For people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (relieves emotional and physical stress) and for those frequently catching cold and falling ill with viral infections (herpes), in stress condition and after usage of antibiotics.

For people suffering from chronic diseases:
– skin (neurodermatitis, teenager acne, psoriasis)
– articular and vertebral
– ocular (cataract);
– throat, bronchial and pulmonary
– dental and gingival, gastric, hepatic, gallbladder and colic
– renal, bladder, gynecologic, prostatitis
– endocrine (diabetes mellitus)
– metabolic (including overweight)
– cellulites, gout, foot spurs
– headache, microcirculatory disorders (cold extremities, tingling of arms and legs)
– phlebitis and disorders of lymphatic drainage
– oncologic; intoxication after radiation and chemotherapy

It also increases energetic resources, physical power, improves skin appearance, promotes regeneration, regulates function of the sweat and sebaceous glands

Helps to get rid from unpleasant body smell, sweating, insomnia, depression, stress, neurosis, irritability, swelling (has an anti-swelling effect, relieves leg edema).

Also helps in dependence from sweets, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

After training and sport activities, as well as in case of physical load helps to improve muscle tonus, decreases tension.
In people doing sport professionally, significantly improves agility and results of their trainings.

Improves concentration ability before exams and during them!

Active and powerful neutralizer of the adverse environmental effect.

How to use “DPS”? You just need to apply the plasters on both feet before go sleeping and to remove them in the morning.

Note! Plaster should be applied on your feet just during the sleep and the used plaster should be removed in the morning.

On other body parts the plaster is applied for 2-3 days.

The plaster should be removed if it becomes dark and wet, hard (as a stone), if it tears or cause discomfort (time when the plaster will finish its work and become dark is individual).

How long it could and should be used? It depends on the self-regenerative ability of the organism, pollution degree of the body, intoxication and your desire.

The plaster should be applied in dry and clean skin considering the scheme of zone localization.

For those who use the plaster for the first time it is recommended to start administration from the N – 1 zone.


3 – zone! Restores the organism regenerative ability. Acts positively on the neural system, circulatory system, strengthens the blood vessel walls. Improves memory, intellectual function, concentration ability, improves sleep, decreases stress, depression, fatigue, improves vision. Tones the organism, relieves headache.
2 – zone! The second axillary system of organism purification. Normalizes function of the respiratory system, promotes regeneration of the nasal, tracheal and bronchial mucous membranes. Maintains body homeostasis, strengthens immunity. Restores skin integrity. Eliminate unpleasant odor appearing when you are sweating.
4 – zone! Normalize function of the cardiovascular system. Activate function of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys. Increases energy, mobilizes protective recourses of the organism (if there is lack of energy, lifeblood, buoyancy).
1 – universal zone! Helps to arrange and normalize function of the digestive, urinary and metabolic systems. Strengthens the immune system. Improves microcirculation, lymphatic drainage. Helps in the case of tension and fatigue, insomnia.
5 – zone! Helps to arrange the function of reproductive and endocrine system. Helps to restore the work abilities of the organs of pelvis minor. Helps in the case of insomnia. Increases abilities of the organism. Eliminate unpleasant odor of the feet, formation of cracks, desquamation, helps to get rid from calluses and skin thickenings.

Diseases and pain is a signal reporting problems and warning about the blocks of the body that needs to be removed to restore harmony.

For healthy people and children!
Preventive course 1 – zone 21 consecutive nights, systematically repeating it during the seasonal changes, ‘during diseases and periods (viral, flue).

To maintain good, harmonic condition, well-being, it’s necessary to consecutively stimulate all 5 zones applying the plasters in courses (each zone for 21 times).

For ill and weakened people, during treatment and rehabilitation, during recovery period it is recommended to use up to the complete improvement of health status and well-being. It is recommended to consecutively stimulate, use in courses (each zone for 21 times).

The plaster can be combined with all methods of treatment, medications, food supplements and homeopathic drugs.

If used systematically every day, the plasters can help to get rid from many diseases, including chronic.