Agate with black tourmaline


Agate with black tourmaline on the center.

Measures: ~ 2,5 x 5 cm.

NB! Pictures are for illustrative purpose only – measures and colours may vary a little.

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Tourmaline is the most protective stone and that’s why it is also called as a stone of shamans. Tourmaline’s healing ability varies according to the colour of the stone. Black tourmaline helps you understanding yourself and others, decreases fear for the unknown. It attracts inspiration, wealth and also amplifies tolerance and compassion. The rock has a great quality to protect us from the negative energy, such as: cell phone radiation, spells and bad wishes.

Agate balances the person, creates harmoney between plus and minus, yin and yang. Gives self-esteem and self-confidence and affects all chakras. It makes it more enjoyable for people to interact with others and improves self-expression.