Agate with citrine


Agate with crystal in the center.

Measures: ~ 3,4 x 4 cm.

NB! Pictures are for illustrative purpose only – measures and colours may vary a little.

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Due to its yellow colour, citrine is said to be the stone of joy, abundance, benevolence and light. It is one of the few stones, which repels negative energy and does not need itself any purification/recharging later. Because the stone emits joy of life and lightness, it is an excellent companion for someone who has depression or bad mood. Citrine is called the stone of abundance, because it attracts success and wealth. That’s why it is also one of the favourite stones for business people. Citrine helps to collect thougths and set your goals – therefore gets you on the right track. Energy emitted from citrine, transforms to human and leads to action. Thereby tremendously increases self-confidence for achieving your goals.

Agate balances the person, creates harmoney between plus and minus, yin and yang. Gives self-esteem and self-confidence and affects all chakras. It makes it more enjoyable for people to interact with others and improves self-expression.