Amethyst-Hematite bracelet (9mm)


A beautiful bracelet with Amethyst and Hematite stones and beads.

Stone’s diameter: 9mm.

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Amethyst has been called the stone of spirituality and truth. Amethyst supports during difficult times. It is a stone of faithfulness, which strengthens will, relieves stress and tensions. Amethyst is a strong stone with magical qualities, which calms you and gives a piece of mind. It doesn’t let you mope neither letting you get too euphoric. Instead it gives you firmness to carry on with things. The stone of soberness – very good for alcoholics, who are willing to change themselves. It also has many healing qualities – especially good for the nervous system. Gives you a good sleep and helps you slumber.

Hematite is very good for haematogenesis, helps to boost the immune system and stabilize blood pressure. It is thought that hematite has a positive effect on kidneys, gastric glands, liver, blood cleanse. It also helps with various blood disorders. Throughout history, hematite has been seen as a mage’s talisman and was used for stopping the bleeding and healing the wounds. Additionally, hematite helps to overcome joint pains.