Lotus Design yoga equipment and accessories

Lotus Design is a quality German brand of yoga equipment and accessories. For Lotus Design, social and ecological conciousness comes first. They connect personal engagement and sustainable development with profitability and quality. Most of products are made exclusively from high quality, durable fabrics and filling materials.

LD_logo_small_compactSturdy meditation cushions are made in certified handicapped institutions in Germany. In this way, Lotus Design will take our social and ecological responsibility, which is in line with a more mindful and concious style of living.

Lotus Design offers a broad palette of quality products for your yoga and meditation practice and relaxation. You will find a wide range of carefully crafted yoga mats, meditation cushions, yoga bags and yoga props.

Lotus Design offers high quality yoga mats for all levels of practice. Yoga mats come in a variety of materials, including PVC, TPE, microfiber towel, Wool, Oeko-tex PVC and Rubber, all tested or certified to ensure quality. You can also get your yoga mat bag in several models. With embroidery and extra pockets, as a simple nylon mesh bag or as a tote with loads of space, bags will suit all of our mats up to 60cm width.

For over 25 years, Lotus Design has been supporting people on the path to mindful living via yoga and meditation. Yoga helps you relax, reduces stress and helps with making you feel more comfortable in your body.