Martin Schmidt rotary spirals and crystals

High quality German metal art – “glittering ideas”, which are made in Germany.

Martin Schmidt OHG was founded in 1955, in a German town called Schawäbisch Gemünd. Using knowledge, that dates back for hundreds of years, the company produces high quality and unique metal art (steel spirals, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas decorations) as well as extremely high-quality crystals, that are made using silver dust.
With art made by Martin Schmidt, you can obtain a unique design element for your home, which in addition to being beautiful and catching eye, offers a calming and cleansing effect. Just watching enchantingly rotating spiral or incredibly glittering beautiful crystal can help to relax and clear your thoughts.



MartinSchmidtLOGOIn Martin Schmidt’s workshops, various brass forms and products are manufactured in old traditional handicraft manner.

The history of brass ornaments of this kind is closely related to Schawäbisch Gemünd, also known as „town of gold and silver“, where manufacturing jewelry started in the Middle Ages. In 1740, there were 250 jewelers known to live in town. At the time, silver and goldsmiths wanted to produce Christmas gifts for people with lower incomes. Brass and blade saw were available and so the idea was born to start making brass ornaments.

Gift Recipients were delighted and over the years it became a tradition. This also became the basis for the company founded by Martin Schmidt in 1955, where handicraft manufacturing expertise with a long history has already been passed on to a third generation. Originally, ornaments were cut out of brass plates by hand and then polished and varnished. In the meantime, however, the technology has also reached these workshops and today ornaments are pressed out or cut out of plates with laser and then covered with gold.

To date, the company has produced more than a 1,000 different forms beginning from a simple star and finishing with multipart Christmas decorations such as motives for display on windows.
Every year, a new Christmas sign is created, which gathers more and more popularity among the collectors (particularly from the US). In early 1990s Martin Schmidt’s workshops started to make brass products also from stainless steel. This resulted in Martin Schmidt’s famous high-gloss steel spirals.